The secret to easy fat loss - that nobody wants to tell you!

Lose the Pooch - I’ve heard it before, why will this work?

If you’ve struggled with weight loss over the years and have tried everything out there and nothing seems to work, then you are in the right place. You are like most of the people who come to train with me - frustrated!

The challenge with a weight loss program is to find one that will work and is a lifestyle change that can be continued forever. Do any of the following sound like things you've said about a specific diet plan:

  • I don’t like the meal selections!
  • I love bread, pasta, and rice!
  • I can’t take pills!
  • If I have to drink another shake, I'm going to.....
  • Frozen meals - yuck!
  • I want to eat out!

The “Lose the Pooch” (LTP) program is different from all the rest of the weight loss / diet programs for 3 reasons:

  1. It works - long term!
  2. You can eat anything you want and still achieve great success when you follow the “LTP” program.
  3. It fits into your lifestyle - thus making it a lifestyle program, not a temporary diet.