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In this online seminar series, you gain access to a total of 19 personal lessons with the detailed steps, evidence-based health and weight loss tools based in the science of exercise science, cognitive behavioral therapy, and natural wellness.

Follow along daily as Troy Huggett, M.S. leads you through regular lessons crafted using the best in research and coaching. Then complete the provided readings and worksheets to accompany each lesson.

When you enroll in this exclusive online-only program, you will receive daily emails that will guide you through your amazing transformation. We suggest you complete each lessons as it is made available to you. Each lesson is short and provides immediate actionable steps. This complete course is designed to be completed in 29 days.


Less than 45 mins / per week, for 4 weeks, for lifestyle gains and change.


International Wellness expert Troy Huggett, M.S. with a Master of Science degree in Physical Education, International certification in Massage & Bodywork Therapy, licensed Emergency Medical Technician and over 37 years of experience in weight loss and chronic disease leads you through the very best of the science, translated into realistic action based steps based on his decades of experience.